Peoples Ford Drive & Stay Campaign

This was a comprehensive promotion consisting of direct mail, outdoor and online advertising, as well as static and video content for social media. The creative concept had to be visually arresting, but at the same time, subtle and elegant. We had to convey a sense of fun, which is intertwined in the brand, but also a feel of luxury that you would expect from staying at a premium hotel. When combined, it would provide the key message that buying a new car should be an enjoyable and special experience.

We were given a blank canvas to work with, along with the opportunity to go somewhat off-brand. Including an aspirational tone was also important, as was the sense that by taking up the offer, you were sampling something of real quality. In other words, the standard of the incentive mirrored the standard of the product.

The iconography also had to incorporate imagery of people – representing the essence of the company’s values – and convey the impression of an active lifestyle. At the heart of the concept was the car key and room key graphics, with the latter used to instil a sense of intrigue with the recipient, encouraging them to read on. The finished design blended car and room key symbols to reflect the drive and stay elements, taking the customer on a mental journey from the showroom to the hotel room.

All of this had to be turned around within a week, from inception to fulfilment. It’s just as well then that we specialise in multi-platform, start-finish, time-sensitive projects. Due to the success of the campaign, the event was extended for a further six days.