Through strategic marketing with a bit of creative thinking we’re bringing businesses closer to their audience, ensuring that their message is visible. All day, every day. In order to do that we need to stand back, look at it from the outside and consider the possibilities. It’s easy to have blinkers on when it’s your business. We strive to work side-by-side with our clients, understanding marketing goals and objectives as if we were united. Throwing down any customer/supplier barriers, being upfront and open about everything we do. Working any other way is just pointless as far as we’re concerned.

So where did we come from? nexus24 was founded in Edinburgh by our Managing Director, Graeme Hogge in 2007. He setup the business to provide a quality creative marketing service for SME clients across the UK working originally on design for print and branding projects, that quickly expanded to online / offline advertising and production services.

What's changed in that time? Pretty much everything. But some things never will. As new communication technologies have arrived, marketing as a whole has been somewhat revolutionised. We've embraced these changes, continuously adapting and learning. But our culture and values will always remain the same.

In 2016 we launched n24 productions as a separate video and film production arm to the business.

We've retained most of our original business whilst continuing to expand - gaining new, larger clients across the UK. Some won by tender, but many through recommendation. Our staff numbers and office size has grown a bit too. All these changes and improvements are made to ensure one thing that should never change - to keep building great business relationships.