December 2020

Efficiency. We’re big fans of it; it can make life so much easier. So when we were asked to provide some illustrations for Cycling Scotland’s Bikeability style guide, which could be used across all future Bikeability Scotland assets, we devised a detailed toolkit that would cover almost every eventuality. It would speed up the artworking process going forward, removing the need for bespoke illustrations every time, saving the client time and money.   

We came up with a simple, colourful, stylised approach to make the scenes as bold and interchangeable as possible, also reflecting the designs we had already used on other Bikeability Scotland jobs.

We had to find a solution for every potential scenario, taking into account different angles and profiles, which meant a lot of conversations with the client about how this national cycle training programme for school children would unfold long-term. The characters also had to be representative of a diverse, multicultural society – the scenes had to convey inclusiveness. As you can see, we tried to provide options for every feature, allowing for some flexibility when it comes to recreating similar depictions. It’s become so intricate in fact we feel we’ve created an entire virtual world now for Bikeability Scotland to inhabit. It’s good to be prepared.

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