December 20th 2018

Final report of the creative marketing agency Nexus24, third officer reporting.
 The other members of the crew, John, Chris, Stephen, Martin and MD Graeme, are dead. The office is destroyed.

Not again? Following the devastation and employee fatalies caused by the previous two Christmas videos, we decided we would keep it calm and simple.

However, the social media channels have spoken and they want to see blood. Our plans for a simple Chinese and an after work beer have gone out the window. Below is the captured footage of said event... a Nexus Christmas is never a merry one.

 I should be able to meet client deadlines on my own. With a little luck, the replacement employees will arrive soon. This is the last survivor of Nexus24, signing off…



December 20th 2017

Last year we wanted to make a Christmas video that was a quirky homage to what's become the bread and butter of Christmas action movies, Die Hard. We wanted to feature most of our staff in character and show off the production talents of the video division of our business, n24 Productions. We received some fantastic feedback and have since been continually asked 'what will you be doing next year?'. We had set the bar pretty high for ourselves, so this year we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you something bigger and better. Not only is it an excuse for our team to let loose and have some fun after a busy year, but it's the perfect opportunity to showcase our many talents. From makeup and prop design to lighting and special effects, our highly skilled team can and have done it all to produce something we're all very proud of. n24 Productions doesn't just produce video content for marketing purposes and I think we've definitely shown it here. So here it is. Enjoy...

If you haven't seen the first year's video then you can watch it here:

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