April 8th 2015

We take Data Protection very seriously here at nexus24, which is why we recently became fully accredited members of the Direct Marketing Association. It gives our clients further confidence in our ability to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and the assurance that we’ve been thoroughly vetted.

Adhering to the DMA’s stringent regulations ensures that no client data will be lost or fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, the new EU-wide regulations will include new erasure rights, allowing the client to demand that their data be erased within a certain time frame.

The security of our I.T systems is at the very heart of achieving DMA compliance, particularly in today’s climate of increasingly sophisticated Internet fraud and large-scale security breaches. Is our anti-virus and malware protection robust enough? Is the physical security of our data sufficient? Are all staff members aware of data handling best practice procedures? These are just some of the questions we’ve had to answer in order to attain DMA membership.

As proud DMA members, we’re also committed to being as transparent as possible with regard to how we manage our data.

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