Seeing as it’s National Grammar Day, it seems appropriate to ask the questions: what is grammar? And is it important?


Well, it’s the structure and system of language. It affects clarity, accuracy and meaning. Poor grammar equals poor communication. Its misuse has caused misunderstandings of seismic proportions. Diplomatic disputes that took years to remedy, millions of pounds wiped off the value of shares, ambiguously worded contracts that led to legal disputes, and countless social occasions missed because someone thought they meant this weekend when someone else thought they meant next weekend. So yes, it’s important.

And when you become aware of the infinite intricacies of the English language, spotting the myriad mistakes will drive you demented. But that’s a good thing, because it means you care and you’re not one of those ‘other people’ who go through life blurting out whatever comes into their head without answering the question: is that correct?

These people are blissfully unaware of the misery they’re causing to those who do care. If they can’t be bothered to add an apostrophe, use the word ‘literally’ correctly or speak in the correct tense, what else do they not bother to do? Lazy.

So the next time you’re communicating, ask yourself, what’s the right way of saying this? And if you don’t know, there’s always Google or us.

Spot any mistakes?

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