putting pentland pups on the map

John Clark Motor Group’s long-standing interest in supporting charities is a cause we’re always keen to support in any way we can. Their latest charity partner is the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, who have teamed up with Pentland Jaguar Land Rover to tell the story of future guide dogs – the Pentland Pups.

We were recently tasked with bringing this story to life in front of the camera, to introduce John Clark Motor Group’s customers to the Pentland Pups initiative while promoting the wider work of the charity through their social media channels and website.

Six interviews were produced with three current guide dog owners, two puppy trainers, and the association’s Business Development Manager, to convey the transformative effect guide dogs can have, and the great dedication that goes into turning a puppy into a guide dog.

Ros Bob


Hours of footage was then broken down - via a masterclass in editing - into 17 short films to be presented as a series, or used as standalone items. Each edit was shaped to focus on different aspects of the training or the individual’s own personal journey with their guide dog. We wanted to get across a sense of how strong the bond is between guide dog and owner, and highlight the emotional investment and dedication of the association’s staff.

An emotive subject matter coupled with warm personalities - and a memorable debut performance from one of the pups - made this production a pleasure to work on.

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