Video & Film

Nexus24 has its own video production wing – n24 productions. We do all sorts: from music videos and short films to TV commercials and social media content. We’ve invested a lot of time in seeking out the most talented videographers who make best use of the latest equipment to give you something that really gets people talking. Why have we done this? Because in today’s digital advertising world, film content is top dog. We also work with an innovative bunch of animators to create original motion graphics.

Nothing conveys key messages as effectively as video. If you’re looking to make a big impact, this is the way to go. We know what entertains and engages, and what doesn’t. We know how to hook your next clients and reel them in. We know how to cut through all of the other marketing noise. In today’s mobile-centric environment of short attention spans and information overload, video makes a lot of sense if you’re looking to distil key selling points down into a bitesize yet potent chunk of promotional activity.