Making Good Events Great.

How do you turn a good event into a great event? As event marketing specialists, that is a question we can answer. Since 2007 we’ve been refining our formula to bring our clients occasions that flow seamlessly and always leave a lasting impression. Without giving away any trade secrets, here’s a little insight into how we roll…
We design all event collateral down to the finest details, from concept to delivery. That means all of the branding, copywriting, visuals, social media management, email marketing, digital assets, direct mail campaigns, and point of sale material is handled by us in-house. Or perhaps you need an exhibition stand, stage, venue, AV production team and printed material produced, or how about a short promotional film? Great, we do that too. And should you need a bespoke booking system to manage your event calendar – we’ve already got the software in place. What’s more, we’re partnered with a leading contact centre who specialise in event prospecting. Put all of this together and you get the best possible event experience. A memorable experience that sticks in the minds of your target audience, endearing them to your brand.

What you get with us is a well-balanced blend of creativity and project management, with laser-focused lines of communication and razor-sharp reporting. And needless to say, we all care deeply about getting the best outcome for our clients, no matter how big or small the event may be.